Can I change my e-mail preferences: you can decide what e-mails (if any) you would like to receive from this web site. As standard you will receive once per month a What's happening e-mail. To change this and all other e-mail preferences, go to <Account Settings>, which you find under the <Welcome, Your Name> banner top right, click <Contact> and change your preferences. SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Can I receive my monthly HOA Bill electronically?  

Yes: Complete the Electronic mail form (>Forms) and return it to AMG.

Can I pay my monthly HOA Bill online?  

You can opt for automatic withdrawal: complete the Agreement for Automated payment (>Forms), ensuring that you are never late. 

You can also make an online payment: visit https://www.mutualpaypropertypay.com/ at no additional cost with Online Bill Pay or by credit card (additional charge). Management Company is 3519 and Association ID is 202. Your account number is top right on your monthly statement.

Can my visitor park in front of my house overnight: There is no overnight parking on our community streets.  If you have overnight guests or another requirement to park on the street overnight please call an HOA board member for a Parking Permit.   Their phone numbers are listed under >Board-Board Members and on your monthly HOA Newsletter, which is also available online on this website. 

Can I change my on-line profile? Settings>. You can change your home phone, your password, your profile (add a photo Smiley Face Icon) define your social media links, change contact preferences and privacy preferences......AND FINALLY......don't forget to SAVE!... at the bottom of the page.